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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Postby tandemonde » Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:16 am

July 2018, French couple applying for a double entry visa.

Documents :
-passeport, copy of passeport, photo
-schedule + all hotel bookings + plane tickets (yatra website)
-letter of no objection

We brought bank account extract and insurance paper but they didn't ask for these.

We had a Turkish exit stamp in our passeports.

Applying on Thursday, getting our passeport back on Tuesday.

3 months of validity from the day we applied. Our schedule featured a 40 days period, exit and back for a 42 days stretch. The woman didn't count these but instead asked us to tell her what was the longest period we stayed. We answered 42 days and she said "Then 50 days is enough right?". So if you want the full 60 days you could try a schedule showing a 51+ days stretch.

Total price 120$ paid at the bank in front of the embassy, you have to pay 24h hours before pickup at least, so we went to pay right after applying.
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Re: Report: Tehran, Chinese VIsa

Postby Mrloes » Sat Jul 14, 2018 10:44 am

Dutch couple applied on Tuesday 19 June and got a double entry visa on Sunday 24 June.

We provided them with the following documents:

- Typed application form
- Colour copy of passport
- Colour copy of visa Iran
- 2 passport photos
- Full itinerary from 27 June to 20 August with side trip to Hong Kong because we wanted a double entry (see attachment)
- "Fake" flight bookings via (if you don't pay within 5 days, the reservations are automatically cancelled).
We had bookings in and out of the country as well as for the side trip to Hong Kong.
It's enough to provide the reservation overview that you can print via after you book on
- All accommodation bookings via, which we cancelled when we got the visa
- Travel insurance and extract of bank account; she briefly looked at it and gave it back.

We provided one copy of the itinerary, flight and hotel bookings for both of us. That's enough paper already!
We didn't have a Letter of No Objection and they didn't ask for it. We both have a Turkish stamp in our passport.

The Chinese-looking woman with the glasses checked our itinerary and compared it with the hotel and flight bookings. She did this accurately and efficiently and after about 5 minutes of checking and double checking, she decided to give us a double entry visa. We had asked for the fast express procedure on the application form, but when she asked what we wanted we could switch to the normal procedure, because this turned out to be fast enough (we applied on Tuesday, picked up the visa on Sunday). When we left the embassy after applying, the bank was already closed, so we paid the 120 USD just before we came back on Sunday to pick up the visa.

They keep the passport during the five days that it takes to get the visa, which can be a bit unpractical. It'll probably not be possible to buy train tickets or travel by train. We travelled around in the Kurdistan province by bus and hitchhiking with colour copies of our passport. All but one ho(s)tel accepted the colour copy, so it might be wise to get a stamp or something from the Chinese embassy on your passport copy and an explanation in Iranian why you don't carry your passport. We forgot to make a copy of our Iranian visa but can recommend having one!

I spent an evening putting together a nice fake itinerary including trains to take and sights to see. Feel free to use (parts of) it! See attachment.

Travel itinerary for double entry visa
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