Embassy report: Tajik visa in Ankara

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Embassy report: Tajik visa in Ankara

Post by glenny »

April 2015 . Not a smooth experience but an interesting one including bumping into emanoli Rahman (president) . Took two trips across three days for $54 for Australian passport.
Be sure to use address near Panora mall as google maps lists location incorrectly.
Also take the phone number of the consulate with you. I waited two hours on second visit as no one who knew anything about the whereabouts or happenings of consulate was in. I ended up calling (free WiFi available at Panora mall if you have no SIM) and then spoke to the consulate who told me to return in 30 mins as he was out.
No GBAO permit. However during this time I was told it was difficult to get one anywhere due to a conservative security decision for a week so possibly not exclusive to ankara not issuing.
Overall reasonable time turn around of three days but was hasslesome.
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TAJIKISTAN visa in ANKARA, TR - 2016

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May 2015. Canadian and French Passport. Another reminder that you cannot deposit the application IF the Consulate is not present. Seems he is frequently away. We finally got his attention on our second day of visits. It seems that the rules have changed somewhat. You will need:
• Download the application form. Using your computer FILL OUT the form in BLOCK LETTERS. Then PRINT the form DOUBLE SIDED. Sign.
• Color copy of your Passport
• Photocopy of your Turkey ENTRY stamp
• (In our case???) a copy of our Marriage Certificate.
• He also took a copy of my Driver’s License (when he found out we are self-driving)
• A written letter of request for visa

He took these and started the visa process. Told us to return in 4 days. We did not pay when we deposited our application. He refused our request for ‘same day’ service.

Costs for visa $27 USD for visa and $20 GBAO (now available in Ankara). Pay at the Zirat Bank.

The Letter:

M the Ambassador of Tajikistan in Ankara
FarrukhHamiddinovich SHARAPOV
Caddessi No 20
Diplomatic Site

Ankara 24 May 2016


Dear Mr. Ambassador Sharapov

My wife and I are travelling from France to Mongolia via Tajikistan. We hereby respectfully request a visa for Tourism. We are travelling independently, without guide or tour, with our Camping van.

We anticipate entering Tajikistan at Tursanzade, to travel onward to Dushanbe. We will visit the cultural and historic sites for a few days. After which, we will travel the M41 Highway, South Route, via Dangara, Kulob, Rushan to Khorog. Then we hope to follow the Wakhan Corridor via Ishkashim and Murgab. Finally, a visit to Kara-kul Lake before exiting to Krygyzstan.


Telephone number (Turkish if you have it)
Email address.
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